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Since 1998, we have continued to expand the WipesPlus® product line to offer the broadest line of wet wipe solutions. With our modern manufacturing facilities, to an expansive distribution network with nationwide coverage, we take a leadership role introducing new and innovative wet wipes and dispensing solutions.

WipesPlus® is the trademarked brand name of our extensive line of FDA and EPA registered and approved wet wipes and dispensers. We offer a full line of Wet Wipes that are gentle and effective cleaning solutions in any environment and on any surface. WipesPlus® provides specialty wipes for food service areas, healthcare environments, gyms, retail and public spaces, for the home, and hand and body wipes for infants and adults (Wet Wipes Uses).

Our Product Line includes:

  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • No-Rinse Wipes
  • Specialty Wipes
  • Table Wipes

Visit the WipesPlus® website for more information!

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